Friday, 8 January 2010

PFF: Snow

As Britain struggles, along with many other parts of the world, with abnormally cold weather, we heard today that one place recorded lower temperatures than Finland.  So I've postponed my original choice for today and replaced it with a snowy scene from Finland.

This one was sent to me almost a year ago, on 10 February 2009, from Jyväskyl.  The writer said,
"we have received quite a lot of snow but it isn't very cold.  Now in the evening it is -13 C but in the daytime it is warmer.  It is nice to wait for the springtime."

It is indeed! It's also very good to see that snow can be beautiful in the right place.

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday.


  1. Beautiful post card. It is cold here too. But I need to remember other parts of the country are even colder. Happy Post card Friday

  2. Great choice Sheila! It's pretty darn frosty here too! I've been wearing my snowpants around the house which make a gloriously loud swish swish swish sound everywhere I go! They sure are toasty though:) Happy Pff dear girl!

  3. -13 C is "not that cold"???? Glad I am not in Finland.

  4. O.K., I guess that's pretty cold. I love the sound that snow makes underfoot when it's that cold.

  5. Beautiful card. I think it is COLD everywhere! Burrrrrrr!!!!!

  6. That's a nice picture of Finland in July! It's cold herre in Florida too! May see some s-n-o-w tomorrow.

  7. It is not cold here--I envy finland its cold and snow. I LOVE snow--and it doesn't snow where I am. (sigh)

    Gorgeous postcard! Happy PFF!!

  8. "...but it isn't very cold. Now in the evening it is -13 C". Blink. My brain has trouble comprehending temperatures of much below 0c. I mean, I know it gets colder as I hav friends in Minnesota but I would aim to stay far away from them!!

    I love your new 125x125 widget!

  9. Howdy Sheila
    Happy PFF .
    What a great choice .
    Such a peaceful setting for thinking about the coming spring time.
    It is cold even here in central ,Tx.
    We have been setting records so far in the New Year.
    It is going to drop down to 10 degrees in the overnight tonight . Brrrrrrr.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Trails

  10. It's supposed to be -13•F here tomorrow morning.

  11. Pretty nippy here in New Hampshire tonight! Thanks for visiting and a happy PFF.

  12. Beautiful photo... I have been lucky to live in a place where we had really cold weather for one week and no snow. Hope everyone else warms soon! PFF thanks for stopping by!

  13. What a beautiful snow scene with the setting sun - or is it the rising sun?

  14. We haven't been hit so badly in Boston, Lincs. There's been a couple of inches of snow and the tidal river Witham froze over at -4°C. I've been trying all week to take snowflake pictures without any success.

  15. I love the snow but I'm getting a little tired of it- We've had it 3 times already this winter! (I live in DC)... Brrrr!

  16. I have lived in north of Sweden a few years but now we live in south. We did have really cold winter up north and it was as beautiful as the card you show.

    This year I have been lucky to have for a week as cold here in the south and as beautiful. MB

  17. I lived an year in Jyväskylä and studied there 3 years - it's known as a student town. I like that town and I often visit there, to see my friends or just hanging around there. :)
    Last week has been snowing a little here in Finland but not much. Kinda sad 'cause I like snow but I do like autumn too. :)

    You have nice blog! :)


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