Tuesday 5 January 2010


Utah - the Beehive State
Settled by Mormon Pioneers: 1847
Entered the Union as the 45th State: 1896
State Capital: Salt Lake City
Area in Square Miles: 84,916
Population Approximately: 1,200,000

This lovely map card was sent to me on December 17 2009 but arrived only the other day.  Whether it was the weather or the holidays that delayed it, I don't know.  Probably both.

The name "Beehive State" intrigued me.  There seem to be various reasons for the name: one that it used to be the State of Deseret which translates as the honeybee in the Book of Mormon; secondly because the early Mormon settlers were said to have brought swarms of bees with them; and finally to indicate industry and other values highly regarded by the settlers.

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