Thursday, 18 February 2010

Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain....

The name "Oklahoma" comes from the Choctaw words okla, meaning people, and humma, meaning red, so the state's name literally means "red people".  Oklahoma has the largest American Indian population of any state.  Many of the American Indians living in Oklahoma today are descendents from the original 67 tribes inhabiting the Indian territory.

Judging by the card, they also have oil, wolves and tornadoes.  I think that's the sum total of my knowledge of Oklahoma, I'm sorry to say.
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  1. Just doesn't seem like good karma to put the tornado on the map.

  2. Oklahoma has oil? Heh.

    Tornado Alley runs from Kansas down through Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle to western New Mexico. You may recall from the Wizard of Oz that Dorothy is transported to Oz from her Kansas farm by a tornado. Oklahoma touches New Mexico. Many people don't know that. I once endured a tornado while spending a night in OKC. Tore up an amusement part and a motel. But you get used to tornadoes in Oklahoma, I suppose, sort of like earthquakes in California.

    Tulsa is oil country.

    There are almost twice as many Native Americans living in California as in Oklahoma. but Oklahoma is second. (2000 census - your card is probably older than that. People move around a lot.)

    Oklahoma and its history is fascinating. You would find it interesting reading,. :)

  3. The title of your post, of course, comes the song "Oklahoma!" from the hugely popular Rodgers and Hammerstein musical (and 1955 movie.) The song was so popular it was adopted as the official state song of Oklahoma. There were SO many great songs in that musical production. The movie was the acting debut of a young singer named Shirley Jones (who much later became the Partridge Family's mother.)

    Famous Oklahomans include: Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Woody Guthrie, James Garner, Paul Harvey, Will Rogers, Ron Howard, Mickey Mantle, Brad Pitt, and hundreds of others.

    Information overload. :)

  4. Max, thank you as always for your mine of information. :) I knew about the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical - that's progress. :) I suppose I should have known Oklahoma touches NM too. Progrees is slow.


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