Sunday 28 March 2010

Astronomical Clock, Hampton Court

Another astronomical clock, this one is at Hampton Court Palace, outside London.  It has been featured in John's Daily Photo Blog and that reminded me that I'd seen this card recently. 

I had no idea where this unused card had come from or how old it might be until I read the back.  There it says that it was published by the Department of the Environment, Crown Copyright 1973.

The clock itself was installed around 1540, designed by Nicolas Kratzer, an astronomer, and Nicholas Oursian, a clockmaker.  Their collaboration resulted in a marvel of engineering and a work of art.  Originally it had two clock faces but the smaller of the two was replaced by a slate version in 1835.

I normally use Wikipedia as one source of information but I've just noticed that they call this an astrological clock.  It does shake my faith a little.
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  1. Ooooo ... I would so love to see this! I collect clock towers, but astronomical clocks are so very special. I've only seen the one on Praha, but now I have have Surrey on my radar.

  2. I must respect the post card as it is older than me :o).
    I look at the photo in full zoom, it is amazing, the detail are not clearly seen but I believe it is beautiful.
    Love it. :)

  3. The astronomical clock looks amazing close up. I only wish I'd had opportunity to see it's inner workings.

    I try to avoid Wikipedia. Sometimes it makes a good starting point but that's about all.


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