Saturday 27 March 2010

A son of Odessa

A very jovial looking politician or dignitary, I thought, when I saw this card of a sculpture in Odessa, but I was completely wrong.  The name Leonid Utyosov didn't mean anything more to me until I looked it up and it turns out he was a famous jazz singer and comic actor.  No wonder he looks jovial!

The empty place on the bench beside him looks so inviting.  I wonder if you're allowed sit there and have a photo taken.  Probably not eat your sandwiches beside him though.
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  1. I'm sure he's impervious to bread crumbs. Of course, that might attract pigeons to the statue, and it's all downhill from there.

  2. I'm sure he wouldn't be so jovial if pigeons and other birds used him for a latrine!!

  3. i wonder if it is blocked off around him? Would be cool to sit there though. I bet the pigeons like to sit on him!

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  4. Your blog is amazing! I love the little 'you may also like this...'

    great job :D


  5. Since I posted this, I've come across another similar statue/sculpture/monument, though I can't remember where. Maybe they're more popular that I realised.


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