Thursday, 18 March 2010

Buda Castle and the Danube

This beautiful card was sent to me on 22 February this year, from Kiskunfélegyháza, and shows Buda Castle at night.  The hill where the castle is built was the origin of the city of Buda. In the 12th century the King of Hungary built a keep and a substantial wall around the hill as a defence against invading Mongols.  A small town began to develop around the keep which later became the capital of Hungary.  In the 14th century the palace proper was built and later extended until it became one of the greatest palaces of Europe.

Budapest became a single city in 1873 when Buda and Obuda on the west bank merged with Pest on the opposite side of the river Danube.  The river is the second longest in Europe at 2850 km (1771 miles) and was historically one of the frontiers of the Roman Empire.

Buda Castle and the Danube are both part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for Budapest which also includes Andrassy Avenue.
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  1. Buda, I think, is one of the most intricate and amazing castles ever built. Put that one on my list for sure for visits.

  2. I'm taking a trip to Japan soon and will send you cards from there.

    A Danube river barge trip is being considered. This card could tip me over the edge! :>)

  3. The ancient city of Pest. Something to do with the Tsars long ago? Or the Montenegrins who intrigued with the Tsars? Can't remember. I read too much.


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