Thursday 4 March 2010

A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway

Another great surprise has just arrived for me, from PostMuse who noticed my previous card from the Lincoln Highway and so thoughtfully sent me another.  Thank you, PostMuse, it was so very kind of you.

"A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway" was a documentary first broadcast in October 2008 about one of the USA's original great roads.

The Lincoln Highway was first proposed by Carl Fisher in 1912 because at the time there were no good roads in the USA.  His idea was for a road to cross the country from San Francisco to New York.  The route chosen was as direct as possible and made no concessions for going through any particular place.  However apart from a few "seedling" stretches, the road had to be built and maintained by the places through which it passed.

It was the first of many named highways but the system gradually became a tangled web of some major and some minor routes.  The numbering system for highways was first introduced in 1925 and like many others, the Lincoln Highway was split into several numbered routes. It is little more than a memory nowadays and only fragments of reminders can be found here and there.

A Blog Along the Lincoln Highway was created to publish some of the behind-the-scenes from the documentary.

Thank you again, PostMuse!
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  1. I love the way highways like this work, kind of like a river. Even if there are no cities or towns there to begin with, they will sprout up around them.

  2. That's very true, they really are like rivers, or even a bloodstream, carrying life to the rest of the country.


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