Monday 12 July 2010

Map of ireland

What more can I say?  It's a map of Ireland.  It's quite fun trying to work out exactly quite what each little cartoon means - I can see the Giant's Causeway, and probably a horse fair and some match-making.  Anything else?


  1. Ireland, mmm... Was there a few days in May (Dublin). I just love to go there. :-)

  2. Fun card!

    Ok - the dolphin on the bottom left is supposed to be "Fungie the Dolphin"

    The sailboat on the left coast is supposed to be a "Galway Hooker" - a type of boat that they still sail in the Galway area.

    And there is another boat that could be the ferry to the Aran Islands.

    Its funny that all of these little charicatures actually seem to represent a real thing/place!

  3. What fun! I can see Irish dancing, golf, fishing and sailing but I can't see the Blarney Stone.

  4. I absolutely love your blog. I've been away, posting on the go, but behind in catching up on my favorite sites.

    You are a combination National Geographic/Look Magazine ezine! I never know what I'm going to find, but I know I'll like it!

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Macedonia, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. And Clovelly, Turkey (my grandmother taught me a turkeywork stitch) and the Battle of Britain. What would the world have done without Churchill? Your links are superb and I could spend hours following it all up.

  5. I don't really know Ireland. Isn't that sad...since I definitely have Irish heritage. I've been to England so many times and haven't been to Ireland yet. Thought I'd get there but, since my job loss 17 months ago, with my $90,000 annual decrease in my income with retirement, I think my travels are over, sad to say.


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