Monday 11 October 2010

A week for water: 3 The Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor, or Boka Kotorska, in Montenegro is sometimes called Europe's southernmost fjord, however people who know about these things say it's a canyon or gorge.  Apparently a fjord is made by a glacier whereas a gorge is made by a river.  So there you have it - it's a gorge with high, cliff-like sides.

During the Middle Ages, there was a very important commercial and artistic centre here and the old town and its fortifications are well preserved though they had to undergo considerable restoration after an earthquake in 1979.  Along with the inner bay and surrounding mountains, they are protected as a World Heritage Site.

Although the area is within the Mediterranean zone and has hot dry summers, Mount Orjen, the highest point, receives the heaviest rain in Europe.

Hands up, anyone who knows where Montenegro is, without looking it up first!
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  1. *Big smile* I do! Serbia and Montenegro were one country for a short period after the war. *Beams with pride.*

    Yes, I'm sad but in my defence, it is month-end at work and I am frantic!

  2. I have that photo as my screensaver!

    We holidayed in Cavtat, Croatia last year and went on an excursion to Montenegro so I know where it is! It shares borders with Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina (which we also travelled through on a seperate excursion), Albania and Serbia! Do I win?!

    Travelling up those winding roads is pretty scary when you're in a very big coach! We stopped off at Njeguši (where I picked up some gorgeous honey wine), had a walk round Kotor, visited Cetinje and St Nicholas's Museum before stopping off in Budva. Had a fab time!

  3. @Emm, well done! It's one of those places that tend to be a little hazy for me. Hope work calms down a bit.

    @Bumble, I wish I had a prize in mind! That sounds absolutely fantastic!

    @Joel, it must indeed. I'm not sure how I'd get on - I don't have much of a head for heights.

  4. Wow! What a great idea for a blog. I am inspired.

  5. would definitely be too scared to climb up that high.

  6. I've always heard great things about Montenegro. Now that there is peace there, hopefully I'll get to go visit. Thanks for reminding me to go there with that awesome pic!

  7. My ultimate dream is to travel the globe and see places like this! I love your blog concept. Looking at all the pictures makes me so anxious to go explore the world. Keep it up!

  8. That's a great picture and makes a wonderful card!


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