Saturday, 2 October 2010

A week of maps: 1 The Maldive Islands

A short time ago, if you'd asked me where the Maldives were, I suspect I would have pointed vaguely in the direction of the Pacific Ocean.  Now that I have this map, sent to me from Australia, I know I was way off track.  The Maldive Islands are south of India and Sri Lanka, east of north Africa.  I've just spent far too long looking at the islands using Google maps and then clicking on the photos for the area.  Wonderful!   At least, unless the sea levels rise.
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  1. I so so so so soooooooo want to go holiday there. have you been yet ?

  2. No, I haven't been but it does look idyllic!

  3. I cannot wait to go here. I did the exact same thing, I didn't know the Maldives existed until someone told me about them, and now I can't wait to get there!

  4. Hi! I love the Maldives too, in fact I would love to live there someday. In my blog I have a post about The Maldives, but it is in Spanish. Why don't you write a post of Asturias? It´s a Spanish region very different of the rest of Spain (wooded, rainy, mountainous). It´s sea is really beautiful and its capital "Oviedo" is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    I love your blog so I'm following it.
    Could you follow mine?
    Thank you for paying attention!!!


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