Monday, 31 January 2011


There is something I find fascinating about grand staircases, the angles they make, the rows of balusters.

The top card comes from Germany and shows the staircase in the Wűrzburg Residenz, a palace at the northern tiip of Bavaria.  It has been inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites.  It is a very beautiful building with wonderful gardens.

The second card shows the Painted Staircase, or so it says on the card.  It's a little bit of a mystery.  According to most of the information I can find on line, there is something called the "Second Painted Staircase" which leads to the attics and isn't open to the public.  There is no mention of the first painted staircase, or of any other, but I suppose if you have 52 staircases, you may well lose track.

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  1. I look at them and marvel at the construction detail it took to accomplish the task. Beautiful work.

  2. They are both beautiful. I have spent lots of time in Wűrzburg because I have family there, but I don't know if I ever went inside the Residenz...maybe as a child. It's certainly a beautiful area though.

  3. At 66, with my arthritis and my orthopedist telling me I am going to need two total knee and two total shoulder replacements, I hate stairs - though I can certainly admire their beauty.


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