Thursday 28 April 2011

Caldey? Caldy? Cold Island

I am mystified as to why Caldey Island is spelt Caldy on this card.  I can find no reference to an earlier or alternative spelling.  There is a Caldy in the north west of England, near Liverpool so I'm wondering if the postcard publisher has made a mistake.

The name comes from the Viking name, Keld Eye, meaning cold island.  A little strange that the Vikings would think the place cold, but who knows.

This is another card given to me by John of English Wilderness who posted his own photograph of Caldey Island a few days ago.  He got the spelling right. :)
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  1. Caldey Island looks like a lovely uncrowded place! I agree with you--The publisher probably made a spelling mistake.

  2. I didn't notice the spelling mistake until you mentioned it :-)

    We had a lovely day on Caldey Island which is a 15 minute boat trip from Tenby. The best bit was exploring the ruins :-)

  3. I laugh since it seems the Vikings would find few places as cold as their homeland.


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