Monday 16 May 2011

Camilla Campari

The back of the card tells me that this is a picture by the Norwegian artist, Oddvar Torsheim, and it's called "Camilla Campari".  I don't know who Camilla is, but she looks like she might be fun to know.


  1. Somehow his art is just not my style to appreciate.

  2. Is she of the Campari family - the aperitif?

  3. Differing opinions, but it is a unique style! I admit when I looked up some of his other art it didn't really appeal to me even though I do like this one. I have no idea if Camilla Campari is a real person or not, Carmen. I couldn't find anything by Googling.

  4. Oh, she is beautiful. I love her freckles and natural beauty.


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