Wednesday 1 June 2011

Marseille - La Canebière

The Canebiére is the road running from Marseille's Old Port.  It was once a relatively narrow road at about 8 metres but in 1859 the city decided to knock down the mansions between it and the road once called the "rue des Nobles" to provide the wide 30 metres they wanted.

The first card dates, I think, from the 1950s or 60s and the second is dated 1983.   In the first you can clearly see the trams.  The first trams were horse drawn and ran from 1876. Then they became electrified but by 1955, the Canebière was tramway-free.  A new tram network has been built in Marseille and since 2007, trams are once again running along la Canebière.

I would have loved to have found a card showing one of the new trams on the same stretch of road, but I have searched high and low, with no luck.
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  1. What an interesting story of how the street evolved. I'll bet they met resistance when they decided to tear down those mansions to make room for... future trams. :)

    Ok, not true, but still a very interesting story and picture comparison. It would, as you say, be nice to be able to complete the comparison with a recent photo.

  2. I've been in Marseilles twice, on Mediterranean cruises but really didn't get to see much of it, just a passing glance.


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