Tuesday 31 May 2011

For the love of libraries

Biblioteca Marucelliana, Florence, Italy
The student has his Rome, his Florence, his whole glowing Italy, within the four walls of hos library.  He has in his books the ruins of an antique world, and the glories of a modern one. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
The library was first opened to the public in 1752, purpose built to accommodate the collection of Abbott Francesco.  The shelving in the Reading Room was built at the same time as the building and so dates from the mid 18th century.  It is one of five historical libraries in Florence.  Since 1910, it has been the recipient of all printed works from Florence and the surrounding area.

I can't decide whether I'd enjoy working and studying in such an atmospheric place or whether the close proximity of other people shuffling paper would be a hindrance.  I'd love to have the opportunity to try.
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  1. wow nice, I love post cards such as this.

  2. I like it, but a window would be nice.

  3. It's surprising how noisily some people can turn pages and those old maps which have to be unrolled are so noisy, it's unbelievable!
    Great postcard.

  4. A library...reminds me of how I would always be extremely nice to the librarian on that 'special section' in the university library so I can be allowed to take home those books w/c are restricted for 'inside the library use only' :P

  5. It looks like the kind of library where you have to be really really quiet :-)

    Most libraries are no longer quiet :-(

  6. Florence, Italy. Say no more! If you've ever seen this city in real life you'll see that everything there was built with one thing in mind: perfection.

  7. Well, it would be nice to visit this libary. I like my little local library though it certainly isn't all that quiet.


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