Monday 5 September 2011

Zhenhai Tower

The five story building, Zhenhai Tower, shown on this card is 600 years old and houses the Guangzhou Museum.  The museum opened in 1929, one of the earliest museums in China.

It seems unclear why it was built in the first place.  Some say it was to keep watch for pirates, others that it was just to give a bird's eye view of Guangzhou, or even for reasons of feng shui.  Whatever the reason, it is at the highest point of Guangzhou on top of Mount Yuexiu. If you haven't climbed Mount Yuexiu to visit the Zhenhai Tower, then you've never been to Guangzhou.
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  1. I love the card!! I'm following you!

  2. Well, I actually went to Guanzhou for one day on a cruise ship stop...the day before Chinese New Year, many years ago. I don't recall our tour taking us to this neat place, however.

  3. We have trouble building structures today that will last for 100 years. I am so curious as to how they constructed this building that it could last so long.

  4. @Cyn, welcome! I've been to see your blog. :)

    @Carmen, what a wonderful visit that must have been. I haven't seen any of China apart from through my cards.

    @Christine, I believe this place was destroyed and rebuilt in the 17th century. I struggled with the automatic translation of the Chinese so I'm not entirely sure.

  5. good to find your blog, joined


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