Monday 31 October 2011

Maps on a Monday - North Yorkshire moors

It's interesting that, apart from the main features, the two maps choose to show very different details.  Flamingo Land doesn't sound too typical of the North Yorkshire moors, a national park with one of the largest expanses of purple and brown heather moorland in the UK.  It also has a wonderful coastline, ancient woodland and historic sites

But what I really need to know is, who was Fat Betty and why does she feature on the second map?
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  1. I'd like to know the answer to that one too. Hope you have a great week Sheila.

  2. I looked and looked for Fat Betty, but couldn't find her. I may need new glasses.

  3. I have to look twice. A big stone by the river (lower part). :D

  4. Nina found it!

    I have since discovered this link with some possible explanations.


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