Tuesday 20 December 2011

Snow in Moscow

To get into the seasonal spirit, I've decided on a series of snowy postcards.  I apologise to all you people in warmer countries but in the same way that I associate windmills with the Netherlands, I associate Christmas with snow.  I don't believe I've ever experienced a white Christmas and I'm not sure that I want to, but I do enjoy snowy postcards.

This one shows the Red Square in Moscow at night, under a covering of snow.  The red stars on top of the Kremlin towers aren't Christmas decorations, as I fondly imagined.  I've see them in other pictures.  Nevertheless, it looks very magical and Christmas-like to me.
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  1. I don't like snow but the picture is beautiful.

  2. I do like snow and I love the idea of tromping through Moscow wearing boots and a big warm coat and a hat with fur on it...O.K. fake fur.

  3. Cards - the best place for snow. I agree it's photogenic. Here today and gone tomorrow is the way I like it.

  4. Yes, snow is very pretty on cards and in films, but that’s where it should stay.

  5. Thank you....That did put me in the Christmas mood. I do love the snow, just not the shoveling!


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