Monday 19 December 2011

The windmills of your mind

While my mind firmly associates windmills with the Netherlands, there are many other countries with their own windmill heritage.  I have no excuse really for this because I know I've sent several postcards of the windmills of Kent, and once upon a time I even lived at the French equivalent in "rue du Moulin à Vent".  Still, the picture of Dutch windmills remains fixed.

The top card comes from Poland and shows a windmill in the Upper Silesian Ethnogrpahic Park where wooden buildings have been collected in an open air museum preserving traditional rural architecture from the end of 18th century until first half of the 20th.

The lower card comes from Germany and shows one of the 42 mills which have been restored along the Westphalian Mills Route.  They are all under preservation orders and during the summer are open for demonstration to the public.
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  1. I love windmills and these are some of the clearest and prettiest pictures of them I have seen.

  2. Sometimes those windmills in my mind drive me crazy. these are beautiful though.

  3. Windmills and water towers and lighthouses...hmm they all have to do with water, weather and wind mostly and they are just a few of my favorite things. Lovely windmill post! thanks!

  4. I do like windmills and we have quite a few here as Lanzarote is a bit of a breezy island. These are fine examples.

  5. Thank you so much for your postcard from Monaco! It arrived on my birthday and was a wonderful surprise. You made my day!!!


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