Friday 24 February 2012

An interesting story

Two little girls reading an "Interesting Story", painted by Laura Muntz Lyall (1860-1930) in 1898 during her stay in Paris.  It is a favourite of mine.  I have to say that the little one looks about to fall asleep, though.  I'm not sure how interesting she is finding it.  Is it a bedtime story?

Laura Muntz Lyall was a Canadian artist, her parents having emigrated there from England while she was a child.  It would be nice to think that these were her sister's children because she did take a break of about nine years from her successful career to care for them, eleven of them (!), after her sister died.

The picture can be seen at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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  1. Favorite things here: children, books, reading, art ... and all rolled up into one lovely postcard! Happy PFF!

  2. Such a lovely picture of two sisters. The younger one looks positively angelic.

  3. They really do look to be engrossed in the book. Very nice.

  4. That really is a darling card and one you can look at for a long time enjoying the art

  5. Agree with Max. The younger one does look angelic!

    I identify myself and my younger sis to this card...and yeah, my younger sis has always looked better than me. Hahaha!! Happy weekend!

  6. Ah, this reminds me of my children when they were perfectly wonderful. Thank you for sharing!


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