Monday 13 February 2012

A milk cow and her boy

I've loved this painting by Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) from Finland for the longest time, and now I have my own copy thanks to this postcard.  It was painted in 1885 before Gallen-Kallela moved to Nairobi, Kenya with his parents.  He produced a large number of paintings there but returned to Finland for a few years before spending some time in Taos, New Mexico.

The painting brings back many memories for me  Those days are long gone but I am left with the memories all the same.
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  1. That is really lovely. I love how the ownership is transferred to the cow and it is her boy.

  2. The ownership issue struck me as special as well

  3. That is so cool you know the history of the painting on your postcard. That makes it so unique. Lisa

  4. I've heard "a boy and his dog" but, never, a cow and her boy! It is, indeed, a lovely painting.


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