Wednesday 11 April 2012

Mother in Law bridge

Mother-in-law Bridge, otherwise known as Teschin Bridge, can be found in Odessa in the Ukraine.  Odessa is a port in the south of the country, on the Black Sea.  It lies on hilly ground so there are many gullies or valleys in the city, with bridges crossing them like the one shown.

This one was originally called the Komsomolskiy Bridge because it links the Primorskiy Boulevard  to the Komsomolskiy Boulevard.  The reason given for the name is that the official who ordered the building of the bridge wanted a convenient short cut for visiting his mother in law.  I think this must be unique in all the world.
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  1. Has to be the most interesting bridge I ever read about.

  2. I was wondering why on earth it was called the Mother-in-law Bridge I find the story interesting

  3. Very interesting. I loved the stories of this kind. :)

  4. It's very interesting but it also makes me wonder about the mother-in-law. She must have been very special. ^^


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