Thursday, 30 August 2012


Colmar is in the extreme east of France and has been part of various countries in its time - the Holy Roman Empire, Sweden, France, Germany.  Then France, Germany and finally France again.

Sown on the card is the Quai de la Poissonnerie, the fishmongers' quay.  It was the area where fresh fish was sold by the guild of fishmongers and fishermen.  The guild held enormous power and didn't allow fishing at night nor on holidays, nor could anyone buy fish from foreign fishermen.  Anyone else, other than women and foreigners, could fish on Fridays (only), with a net (only), and only one person per household.

The area was damaged by fire in 1709 when 50 buildings were destroyed.  More recently there has been an extensive renovation of the area.
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  1. What unusual buildings! I would love to visit there with it's rich culture and fascinating history.

  2. Oh I've actually been there. Many years ago. It really is a lovely place.


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