Friday 31 August 2012

Mediterranean sunset

Today there is a full moon, the third full moon in a season of four full moons, and for some reason it is called a blue moon.  I can't understand why they call it blue, nor why they pick on the third full moon rather than the second or the fourth.

I couldn't find a card of a blue moon, or a full moon, but here instead is a red setting sun from the south of France.

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted on Beth Niquette's blog, The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. I love the colors in that sky

  2. This red setting sun is absolutely amazing! <3

    Happy weekend!

  3. I love sunsets - there's something mysterious, eerie, surreal, etc. about the setting sun and the wonderful explosion of colours in the sky.

  4. What a stunning postcard. After falling in love with France in June, I've just made plans to go back in March. Cannot wait.


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