Friday 10 August 2012

Map of Barcelona metro

I've had a few postcards arriving recently with what I call mismatches between the country sending and the actual image on the card.  This is one of the most recent, sent from China but showing a transport map, probably a metro system - in Barcelona.  It took a magnifying glass to get that far, though if I'd looked at the back first I might have found it easier...

I don't think this is a card picked up on holiday, in fact I'm sure it isn't.  There is a .cn website mentioned.  Perhaps a Spanish metro system seems more exotic as a postcard.
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  1. That's just downright puzzling. I love any and all metro system cards though.

  2. Strange. Perhaps they publish the wall maps for it or something ike that and thought they could make a penny printing postcards.

  3. I've got the most odd postcards from Chinese postcrossers! I consider this is part of the fun of Postcrossing...


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