Sunday, 26 August 2012

Spanish football and a warning

An unusual map of Spain showing the principal football teams with a stamp carrying a useful warning about a useful object.

It shows what I would call a mobile phone, and others call a cell phone, or if you're French, a portable.  The slogan using my translation says: "Drive carefully!" while on the mobile itself the message reads "Lose the call, not your life".  It's one of a set of three stamps issued in 2012, all with similar slogans.  The other two address pollution and speeding.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. A warning that could go out here too, though I can't imagine it appearing on a GB stamp - I'm now trying to think of any GB stamps that address safety issues (haven't thought of any as I type).

  2. a very important message... though I wonder how many people who use mobiles (while driving) also use stamps?

  3. An important message on this stamp!

  4. Love the card and wish folks would pay attention to the warning

  5. love the message..short and powerful!
    btw, i love the German word for a cell-phone..das Handy :)

    1. das Handy? I didn't know that one - love it!

  6. A warning that always needs reinforcing. Lisa has me looking for a GB stamp related to safety - no luck so far.

  7. Funny to read so many comments praising this stamp when I have been sulking all year for its dull image! (I need to use it everytime I want to send a card or letter to Europe, they don't sell any other).

  8. With wide open roads and a sense of entitlement, this is a real problem in the USA. talking away while passing through dangerous intersections. I don't like it, you can tell. Great stamp!

    Thanks for participating!

  9. Great journey around the football grounds of Spain, hopefully not using your mobile phone. A useful message, it always horrifies me seeing drivers talking on their mobiles on roundabouts.

  10. Mobile phones are lethal when you're driving! I agree - lose the call!

    I learned on holiday that they take football very seriously. One man sulked for two days after Barca lost to Real Madrid.


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