Thursday 29 November 2012

The library at Castle Kynžvart

As with so many castles dating from centuries ago, Castle Kynžvart has been remodelled a number of times since it was first built in 1623 in district of Cheb in the westernmost part of the Czech Republic.

There are many (12,000 titles in double that number of volumes) books and manuscripts in its library including about 200 pamphlets dating from before 1501.    Many of these have now been digitised in accordance with a UNESCO project called "Memory of the World".  This of course allows researchers around the world access to the manuscripts but if I were the one doing the research I would much prefer to see the "real thing".
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  1. I agree, to actually hold something written that long ago would be thrilling

  2. I always look for the library when we visit old houses / castles. They're often the most beautiful room. I love the thought of all those books to browse through...


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