Friday 25 October 2013

Learning to read

One of my favourite recent arrivals is this lovely card which pictures a child being shown a book, maybe for the first time.  He or she looks a little young to be learning to read but I believe no child is too young to start to understand the enjoyment of books.

The card was sent to me from Japan but when I enlarged the part of the card showing the text, I could see that it clearly isn't Japanese.  If you click on the lower picture you can see a much larger but unfortunately rather out of focus picture of the text.  I'm hoping someone who recognises the language will happen along and identify it.

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted on Beth Niquette's blog, The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. The kids don't look Japanese, either. Maybe Cambodian?
    It is certainly different than the children's books we are used to seeing.

  2. This is a beautiful postcard, and close to my heart. At the beginning of second grade, I couldn't read. I can remember wondering why anyone in their right mind would look at a book without pictures! I was put into a special program--it was called Distar. I loved the colorcoded words, the little books to fill out--it was so much fun. Mums tells me at the end of Second Grade I was reading the Reader's Digest. After that, I can remember getting into trouble because I wanted to read a book, instead of paying attention to what the teacher was trying to teach! lol

    So, I'm a fan of reading. When I read, I can see the whole scene--like a movie--in my head. I owe everything to my second grade teacher, Mrs. Elliot. I'll never forget her.

    Thank you for posting this wonderful postcard! And Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  3. I was thinking the same with VioletSky, the kids do look like Cambodian or Nepalese.

    It's a very nice card with a heartwarming message! Picture perfect! Happy weekend Shiela!

  4. Great card! The writing looked Thai to me but I wasn't able to enlarge it too much without blurring it further!

  5. what a wonderful card. precious children who are enjoying books. reading is so important -- can't start too early! Happy PFF!

  6. this is a great card. I remember the excitement of learning how to sound out a word, particularly the word 'earth'. I love to give books as gifts even though my kids are big now. Though it is funny, that my son is now 20 and I buy him picture books, he's a photographer.


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