Saturday 26 October 2013


I have absolutely no idea where this next series of cards came from.  I was sorting (and resorting, as you do) my boxes of cards last night and came across a set, all vintage and all showing processions of some sort or another.  I think they must have belonged to my father.

I realised too late that this one would fit quite nicely with last week's Sepia Saturday theme.  Too late for last week but I'm posting it anyway to celebrate this week, the 200th week since the formation of Sepia Saturday.

At first glance I thought it could possibly be a Robin Hood enactment but that's as far as it goes.  There is no further information anywhere.  The back is very plain and according to Playle's it is from an unknown British publisher between 1915 and 1918.

With ii was another form of precession but this time a painting called A Pageant of Childhood by Thomas Cooper Gotch, a book illustrator and painter in the pre-Raphaelite style.

This one is used and dated 1910.

Finally, for this post, there were several illustrating the Procession of the Holy Blood (Processie van het Heilige Bloed/Procession du St Sang) in Bruges, Belgium.

This is an annual Ascension Day procession in Bruges which re-enacts both biblical stories and historical scenes.  It was placed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009.

There were other processions, among them one showing the Godiva procession in Coventry.  Suddenly I see a whole new theme for collecting...
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  1. You are right it would have been perfect for that theme, but they are still wonderful to see today. What a treat you found!


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