Sunday, 27 April 2014


From 1972, a PHQ stamp card showing a policeman talking to children.  It looks dated now, partly because of the art work I think, but also because policemen haven't worn that style of uniform since 1994.  Although they do still wear the helmet, they almost always wear a stab proof vest over a shirt.  A sign of the times.

A stamp card issued for the Millenium celebrations.  It illustrates children playing in a green open space.  A number of these open spaces were created as Millenium Greens.

Some stamps from other countries:

Russian Post issued a series of stamps showing contemporary art.  This one was issued in 2013 and shows the picture "Girl and City" by Anatoly Lubavin which was completed in 2005.

From Germany, part of a series of special children's stamps called "Für uns Kinder" published each year since 1993.  This one was issued in 2010.

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  1. I don't know about stab-proof vests, I can't remember the last time I saw a policeman walking, and if they are always in twos.
    I don't know if it is my eyes but the Millennium stamp seem to be a blur except when enlarged.

  2. I especially like the Russian contemporary art stamp. The Soviet Union issued a lot of older art stamps and I am planning on showing some next week.

  3. a lovely selection for the theme, the Russian art stamp is so beautiful.

  4. I Love the action of the Millenium celebrations Stamp.

  5. I like the older police uniforms - they were more flattering. Now there is so much weight and bulkiness to them, it's a wonder they can run!
    I thought maybe those millennium children were just happy they survived Y2K!

  6. great cards and stamps. I never get tired of viewing art when children are the subject. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Unfortunately I missed a lot of the millennium stamps, including this one. I love the movement and colour in it.

  8. Beautiful stamps and the last one,with the sleeping child is my fav! :)

    Willa @ Postage Journal

  9. Great collection and variety!
    I like the stamp of the children talking to the policeman. The girl has red cheeks as if she might be shy or impressed, being talked to by a policeman in uniform.

  10. So nice stamps! I really love the Russian stamp. And in the Millennium stamps children seems so happy...!


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