Friday 25 April 2014

Spring in Ukraine

Around the flowers you can just about see the following words:
Ой весна, весна - днем красна,
Що ж ти, весно, принесла?
"Принесла я вам літечко,
Ще й рожевую квіточку,
Хай вродиться житечко,
Ще й озимая пшениця,
І усякая пашниця".
Ой весна, весна!

I've discovered that they are words from a Ukrainian folk song and translate, roughly as:

Oh spring, spring - red in the day
What have you brought, spring?
I've brought you summer
Also pink flowers
Let rye be born
Also winter wheat
And crops of all kinds
Oh spring, spring.

I've tried to find a better translation because I think there must be one, but this was all I could find.  The idea is there, if not very poetic.
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  1. I'm sure it sounds better in the original!
    It's interesting that even without your title, I would have guessed that this was a Ukrainian design.


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