Thursday 9 April 2015

H is for Hollywood, Houston and Honeymoon Island

A journey across the United States of America, from east to west.

I would think the majority of people would know both Hollywood and Houston, but Honeymoon Island?  That one was new to me.  It was apparently once known as Hog Island but the name changed when some honeymoon cabins were built on the Island.  those cabins no longer exist, but the name remains.


  1. Honeymoon island certainly sounds more enticing than Hog island but it probably still only attracts people looking for a romantic location.

  2. Wonder why or how it became known as Hog Island ? And where is it? Am enjoying traveling virutually with you.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  3. Oh how cool-would love to see those cabins-too bad they are gone!

  4. You're right! I have never heard of Honeymoon Island and not sure that would be my first pick to go to for my Honeymoon:)

  5. Well, I've made it to Hollywood and Houston many times but Honeymoon Island has eluded me, Sheila.

  6. Holy Cow! Never even heard of this place, let alone the nickname. You've sure made me curious, great post! :-)


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