Friday 17 April 2015

O is for Ottawa and Ontario

The Rideau Canal was built in 1832 as a military communications route from Ottawa to Lake Ontario. Nowadays it is used for recreation but it remains an exceptional feat of engineering. It is the oldest canal system in North America which still functions.

This particular card shows an image of kayaks, on the canal in Ottawa, that was used as a postage stamp by Canada Post.  Others stamps were issued to show skating on the canal in winter, and Jones Falls. I don't have the Jones Falls stamp card but I do have others of that area.

The canal in its entirety was added to the UNESCO list of World heritage Sites in 2007.


  1. I visited Canada when I joined an organised tour to visit Canada and New England in the Fall- would love to visit again and stay longer

    zannie A-Z visitor

  2. Wow! We're on letter "O"! I first struggled for this letter but I realized I just needed a bit more digging on my postcards to find the perfect one to share.

  3. I'm learning a lot by visiting your blog! :)

  4. Very cool, hubby and I've been there, such a neat area. Though I had no idea of the history behind it, very cool to know that.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  5. Ottawa is a beautiful city to visit. We took an aqua bus tour. You are on a bus and can hop on and off but then, after crossing over to Hull, it goes into the water and becomes a boat! You can see the falls and the canal and the buildings from the river-wonderful experience

  6. I agree with Wendy--I've been learning a lot from this to read!

  7. I want to kayak there- gorgeous!


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