Monday 20 April 2015

Q is for the Queen

One of the most requested themes wished for by postcard collectors who are members of Postcrossing is that of royalty, so I find myself sending out postcards of the Queen quite frequently.  I rapidly became bored with the variety, or lack of it, of any pictures of the royal family I can buy in shops, so I bought a book of postcards from the National Portrait Gallery, "The Queen in Art and Image".

I have been pleased with the range of portraits even though some are really quite strange.  These two are among my favourites in the book, showing a less formal view of the Queen.  The first is a photo taken in 1968 (no location given), the second in 2007, at the opening of the Lawn Tennis Association's headquarters in Roehampton.  You can tell it's a typical British summer when it rains for tennis.


  1. I like the first one - she looks genuinely happy.

  2. The queen looked more approachable in younger photos and movies. She smiled and laughed a lot. Perhaps she was happier then.

    Both photos are revealing. She's simply a woman in the first shot. She looks so alone or perhaps happy to finally be alone in the second. I like both.

  3. Both of these postcards are so unique. The first one makes me feel like she is ready to break out into song and the bottom one seems how she is separate from the rest of the public-very cool

  4. I've never seen the second one before. It's wonderful.

  5. I've never seen the second one before. It's wonderful.

  6. ahah! what a lovely idea...altho I don't think any one in the USA would want to buy photos of our leaders let alone mail them out. You are lucky.


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