Friday, 24 April 2015

U is for Ulm

Ulm, in the south of Germany, was once a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire but much of its historic centre was destroyed during World War II.  Some of the buildings, but by no means all, have been restored.

The postcard shows the modern library with the backdrop of the Butcher's Tower (Metzgerturm) and the Danube beyond.  The tower leans by over 3 degrees.  Legend has it that it was caused by overweight butchers cowering in a corner when the angry mayor came to punish them for selling low quality meat.


  1. I wonder how the building of such a modern library went down with the town?

  2. I've heard "Ulm" mentioned a lot during my visit here in our Europe central office this week. ;-) It's nice to end Friday and see a postcard from there here on your page.

  3. Great postcard and one city I would love to visit. I love that story about the fat butchers:)

  4. The modern building looks so out of place. The rest is so cute and quaint. I like the folklore about the butchers.
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond U post almost caught up with visits, trying hard not to miss any letters.


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