Thursday 30 April 2015

Z is for Zulu

The Kingdom of Zulu lay in what is now known as KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.  It grew from a small area around what is now Bulawayo to occupy much of the south eastern coastline of the present day South Africa.

The Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and the Zulu language is an official South African language and the most widely spoken.

And so ends the A to Z challenge for 2015.  In the end, it wasn't as hectic as I had anticipated, although having had to be away from home for 10 days recently hasn't helped.  I will be spending much of tomorrow trying to catch up on visits.

Thank you to everyone who has paid a visit to me and to everyone who left a comment.  All very much appreciated.


  1. Well done Sheila on making it to the end. Zulu is an ideal way to finish.

  2. Yey! Congrats for finishing the challenge!

  3. I visited SA in 2013 and was treated to a performance by a Zulu traditional dance troupe and Zulu choir. Absolutely wonderful.

    Congratulations on completing the A-Z! I've really enjoyed your posts this month :)

    Fee | Wee White Hoose
    Scottish Mythology and Folklore A-Z

  4. Beautiful landscape to finish with. I've enjoyed my visits to your site.

  5. I enjoyed all your post cards, Nicely done and congrats on finishing.
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  6. Great ending for the A to Z! It looks so beautiful. Now wouldn't it be nice to visit every place


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