Monday 31 August 2015

Animals of Africa

The shape of Africa made up of all the animals you might associate with the continent, from the largest elephant to the smallest insect.  Maybe not quite the smallest, but there are insects: butterflies and scorpions.  It's fun playing "spot the animal"!  This was sent from South Africa.


  1. This is cool! I see a seal and one doesn't think of them in Africa but they are there

    1. I didn't notice the seal! I didn't know they had the in Africa either but apparently there is a Seal Island off Cape Town - and it's packed with seals! :)

  2. It's beautiful, and probably the first time I've seen such a colorful graphic image of Africa. I always think of neutrals and earthy tones when I think of the continent.

  3. What a spectacular postcard - so bright and colorful. It would be terrific enlarged and displayed in a child's room.


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