Thursday 3 September 2015

Autumn already?

This is a painting by a young Russian artist, Vlad Krachuk, who lives and works in Moscow.  This particular card was chosen because today it felt as though autumn had already started. My fingers are crossed for an Indian summer.


  1. No! I won't hear of it! Ha! Ha! I command that it's still summer here anyway, (as I sweep away the fallen leaves that clutter my deck) but still the grass is growing like hearty weeds, (as the official mower here I now when my grass begins to slow down) and it's so very humid and in the high 80's! Summer stay, oh please, please.

  2. Oh this is a lovely painting and I wish i had cooler weather. It feels like a steam room outside and is close to 40C today-I hate it!

  3. Recent rains, which we so desperately need here in California, have pretty much eliminated all the beautiful colored foliage. I was so glad to return from India in time to see it.


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