Wednesday 23 April 2008

Batumi, Georgia

Приморский парк

I believe this means Primorsky Park, Batumi. Postmark dated (I think) 04-97412 and judging by the address it was sent to, I guess 1974 is the year. The stamps are Posta CCCP because that was well before the USSR broke up.

The message reads:

"Came to Sorchi after spending four days in Moscow..... Return home on Sunday after Leningrad."

Interesting. I don't know who sent it or why they were travelling in the USSR in those days.


  1. Interesting one.

    The first 2 lines on the left hand corner's in Russian? Or is it Greek?

  2. Those two lines are Russian cyrillic alphabet. I can't tell you how long it took to copy it!!!!

  3. Wow...gosh i salute u Sheila...good on u! Luv your postcards.


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