Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Knights Point, South Island

Postmarked Christchurch, dated 1 December 1997.

Knights Point, South Westland, South Island, New Zealand.

The naming of this place amuses me. During the 1950s major road construction was being carried out on South Island. Two teams started work and met at a pictuesque point on the coast, north of Haast.

It was suggested that the place should be named after a senior offiical in the Ministry of Works. However the construction teams said that the place had already been named Knights Point. "Knight" turned out to be the surveyor's dog.


  1. Hey I visited NZ in 1997 after graduating fr studies. The trip was fabulous...but i did not get to visit Kinights Point.

  2. I'd really love to go to New Zealand - but it's SUCH a long way for us.


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