Thursday 1 May 2008

Cox's Cave, Cheddar

Never posted. Bought while visiting with my in-laws who used to live in Somerset, which is where the Cheddar Gorge is.

The Mermaid and The Mummy

Cox's Cave, Cheddar

L6/SP 2898

The Gorge and caves are now part of an official Site of Special Scientific Interest. Cox's Cave is named after mill-owner George Cox who found it in 1837, after one of his workmen fell through a hole in the roof while collecting rocks for a new building.

I had to look at the card for some time before identifying (I think) the mermaid as the paler and higher formation, with the mummy orange coloured and directly beneath. I may of course be completely wrong!


  1. This is interesting. I can spot the mermaid (pale cream colour) but can't figure out the mummy...hehhhe

  2. The guides give these formations all fancy names, but I can rarely see it :-( My lack of imagination perhaps?


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