Tuesday 5 August 2008

A week in Venice (day 4): Vogalonga

Never posted. Bought in Venice in the May of 1980.

Bacino S. Marco - Partenza della Vogalonga
Bassin de S. Marco - Le départ de la "Vogalonga"
S. Marco Basin - The leaving of "Vogalonga"
S. Markusdock - Abfahrt von der "Vogalonga"

The Vogalonga is a non-competitive rowing regatta held as shown, in front of the Doge's Palace. Any type of rowing boat can take part. It started in 1974. Apparently some people choose to swim the 30 km route instead of rowing. Much as I love Venice, I couldn't even contemplate doing that.


  1. This one's amazing!

  2. Incredible isn't it! I've never seen so many boats.


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