Tuesday 4 November 2008

Ferrycarrig, Ireland

Postmarked Dun Ard and dated 9 November 1981.

Norman Castle, River Slaney, Ferrycarrig, Wexford:
Ferrycarrig, less than 3 miles from Wexford town, is situated on one of the most beautiful parts of River Slaney.  Here the river, wide and calm, suddenly narrowns into a channel between steep wooded slopes and ivy-clad cliffs.  High on a rocky spur, above the bridge which crosses the river, is a massive tower castle built to guard this important river crossing.  The castle was built by Robert Fitzstephen about 1169 AD.

One of the earliest Norman castles to be built in the country and the first Norman stronghold in Ireland.  The  excavations indicate extensive occupation during the 13th century. Nowadays the Irish National Heritage Park, which reconstructs the past of Ireland up to the Norman Conquest in 1169, is situated in Ferrycarrig.
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  1. So beautiful, this river. And to look at a castle ruin approaching a thousand years old boggles this American mind. Thank you.

  2. Yah, most buildings in Ireland are older than America. :)

    Beautiful picture.

  3. such a lovely picture. i've always been fascinated by the structures and views in Europe.

  4. Ireland is a beautiful country, true, but I find I don't always appreciate it - familiarity I suppose.

  5. I had this postcard back in the 80s when I was a schoolchild in Moscow, USSR. I have no idea of where my parents got it, but for years it was on my desktop under a sheet of plexiglass.I remember staring at it wondering if I'd ever get there (which was barely possible back then).
    Since then I have moved twice and have lost many things, including this one. I completely forgot about this postcard until an hour ago. I found the image of it at a website dedicated to the castles of Ireland, then goggled 'Ferrycarrig' - and suddenly this time capsule, and I feel younger for a moment.
    Thank you very much.


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