Wednesday 5 November 2008


Postmarked North Texas MPC, dated 9 July 2004.

I think the card speaks for itself.  It fascinates me though, because all but one sign is self-explanatory, to me at least.  However the sign at the lower right corner (I hesitate to use the word bottom you notice) means nothing whatsoever.  If it weren't for the other signs, I wouldn't have a clue what it meant, and even now I couldn't say which symbol is intended for men and which for women.  I'm assuming the circle and triangle represent male and female or vice versa.

Can anyone enlighten me?


  1. I agree Sheila..the lower sign on the right is puzzling. How to differentiate which is the male and female...although I suppose the circle is the female?

  2. The Greeks use the delta for women's restroom signs sometimes. And the male sign (a circle with an arrow coming out of it at top right) for men. Perhaps the circle has had its arrow removed. Ouch.

    Greek. My guess, for what it's worth.

    Not exactly a "tiny url" but if you want to see...

  3. I love the card, but I'm not sure about that last symbol!

  4. I found answer from Google:

    Triangle represents male
    Circle represents female ...

  5. Odd isn't it? You'd think the signs would be more universal. It could, of course, be very old.


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