Thursday 13 November 2008


Posted in England, postmarked Sherborne, Dorset, and dated 19 August 1987.

Marmaris - Turkey

Marmaris is known mainly as a tourist resort on the Mediterranean in south west Turkey. Its population expands from 18,000 to something in the region of 300,000 during the summer. It does however have a history dating back to the 6th century.

A news item showing a fire on the hillside in Marmaris, kindly provided by Experiments in Cyberspace.

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  1. As always that is so beautiful. I go into my own world when I visit your blog, I just love it.

  2. It's a little bit less green than the postcard's date. Constant construction and, oh, a fire:

    The link is in Turkish but the photo says it all.

  3. @Jodi, thanks again :)
    @Experiments, it sounds as though it's changed a lot - over-development yet again. Thanks for the link, which I'll copy into the post. Pretty spectacular, and it must have had quite an impact!

  4. I agree with Jodi; this blog is like another world for me. You have not had all that many postcards from Turkey (that I have seen), so I especially enjoyed this. It is beautiful. And that statistic about the staggering number of annual multiple births, so very interesting. To time the births to all happen in the summer is nothing short of mind boggling, I'm sure you agree. Thank you for your usual informative post. I learn a lot from you.

  5. What?! Max, you leave me speechless, so speechless I shall stay.


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