Friday 14 November 2008

Tower Bridge, London

The postmark is partially obscured, but the date was 13 November 2004.

Tower Bridge, London.

This must be one of the famous bridges in the world.  It seems to me to be instantly recognisable, but I've heard that said about other bridges that I didn't know - to my embarrassment.

The bridge took eight years to build and was finished in 1894.  It's made up of three sections: the outer two sections are suspension and the central section is called a bascule type, opening up to allow river traffic through.  It is an interesting engineering feat.  The whole process of opening it, allowing a ship through, then closing it again to allow traffic to pass, takes only 5 minutes.  As a result, pedestrians rarely used the high walkways to cross.


  1. Love the view of the bridge!

  2. I once visited an exhibition at the top of this bridge. Not sure if it's still open to the public.

  3. @MBL, it is a good view isn't it.
    @Jakill, I haven't been for years either, but I believe it is.

  4. Eight years, you say? Now, this is no relation to that one in Arizona, right? Frankly, I had pictured the Tower a bit larger. In which end was Queen Elizabeth Sr. imprisoned? There's a lot of history in this photograph. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Max again, sigh. No, it isn't the one in Arizona. Both ends Max, when she got bored with the view at one, she moved to the other. Then they tired of her removals every few months, chopped her in two and now we have Elizabeth II.


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