Friday 13 February 2009

Friendship Friday: Happy Birthday

Postmarked Chatham, dated 16 November 1915.

I have a number of birthday postcards not unlike this.  It's something you rarely, if ever, see these days.  They all seem to be folded cards now.

I've chosen one for Friendship Friday because it's a friends birthday today.  Many happy returns to you Max!  I bet you thought I'd forgotten or didn't know.


  1. It's unusual isn't it? I make cards and I would never consider making a postcard-type card. I always do folded cards. Perhaps I need to start thinking about that!

  2. Tell you what, I rather get one of those cards that the rude modern and rather impersonal hi-tech card they churn out today. To be quite honest I don't get birthday cards anymore, it is not traditional in Bulgaria.

  3. What a lovely postcard!

  4. @Emm, it is very unusual. I was out looking at cards today, and saw no birthday greetings postcards. It's not easy even getting out of the ordinary postcards at all.

    @Martin, to tell the truth I think it's become out of hand, all this greeting card business. There are cards for every sort of occasion, and before long they are expected rather than being something spontaneous.

    @Mei Teng, thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

    @ECL, and a happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  5. That must have been a wonderful surpise for Max to click over to birthdya wishes!


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