Thursday 12 February 2009

Toyama, Japan

Postmarked Toyama, dated 8 November 2008.

Toyama City.

I can find out little about Toyama city.  It was almost compltely destroyed by bombing during World War II, but now it's one of the most influential cities on the Japan Sea side of the country.  It does have Toyama Castle, once the residence of the lord of the Toyama-han and now the local history museum.


  1. Thanks for sharing this photo and a bit of your country.Please post more pictures - you live in a beautiful place.

  2. Really looking great city.nice photograph touch the eyes.

  3. Very nice. Thank you. Do you go there often? Or was this a holiday?

  4. Welcome to my blog, Marlene and Santosh. Thank you very much and I'm so glad you like my pictures. "Touch your eyes" - I love that expression!

    Max, not as often as I would like.

  5. I think I may like the place, looking at the postcard; it looks peaceful and serene.

  6. What a wonderful idea for a blog, and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your WORLD!


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