Monday 2 March 2009


Unused, but it was pinned to my wall for a few years.  It dates from the late 1960s.

Metropolitan cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool
In the distance is the Anglican cathedral, on the right, the University clock tower.

The clock tower is above the Victoria Building, a Grade II listed building, built in 1892.  Its colour gave the name to red brick universities, the six civic universities built in the major industrial cities in England.  This was once a derogatory term, but this has long since stopped being so.

I was a student at the University of Liverpool and took exams in the Victoria Building.  The clock chimed every 15 minutes.  It was OK when things were going well, and you didn't really notice the chimes, but when the exam was hard going, listening to every 15 minutes being marked was a nightmare.
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  1. Dear Child of God,

    I cannot tell you how it warms my cockles to see so many churches in one picture. It almost restores my faith in humanity. I will someday tell you a droll story about my own seminary days where we had a clock as well. Rather embarrassing.

    Yours in peace,
    Vicar Ezra Likely

  2. Liverpool ?
    Is it the city of my favourite rock band ?

  3. @Vicar Ezra, cathedrals, they are cathedrals. But perhaps one cathedral = multiple churches. I wonder how many?

    @Eddy, if you mean the Beatles, yes indeed, it is!


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