Sunday 1 March 2009

Happy blog-day to me

One year old today!

Postmarked Herne Bay, dated 25 August 1934.
32 ETW Dennis & Sons, Ltd, London & Scarborough.

It was precisely a year ago today that I thought of setting up this blog. A perfect way to waste my time!

I am really quite surprised at the numbers of people who are interested in my cards. I appreciate that not everyone finds my fascination with odd facts. I've been trying to include a wider area of the world in my choices each week (they are no longer truly random) but I seem to have a real shortage of cards from from some areas, surprisingly especially Australia, New Zealand.

But, as the card says, "This is lots better than being at school", or any other things I should be doing.


  1. Happy Blog Birthday Sheila! I hope that you get some cake out of it:)

  2. Cake? Yes cake would be good. Why didn't I think of that earlier? :)

  3. Oh, no, not a waste of time!! Connecting, entertaining, poignant, interesting, amusing...none of it a waste of time.

    Happy anniversary and thank you!

  4. Happy Blog-day! :)

  5. Happy blogaversary to you! I'm clebrating a special day as well.I hope that this weekend is great!Mike G.said that!(it's an A.A. thing)

  6. Congratulations on achieving a whole year of blogging, Sheila. I hope you can keep it up as I always look forward to my visits, and I know plenty of other people do as well. Happy blogaversary.

  7. Happy Blogiversary. Yes, I guess sometimes it is better to ride a donkey than go to school.

    I blew by me two-year blogiversary a couple of weeks ago. And I seem to make postcard posts more and more in my blog.

  8. Yes, I agree. Blogging about postcards is a good way to waste a lot of time.

  9. Congratulations - I like the cards you post!

  10. Happy 1st anniversary!

  11. Happy Blog Day Sheila,
    it's a pleasure to celebrate with you.

    here's hoping for many many more,
    obtw, we'll be highlighting your blog anniversary in our milestones on EntrePod next episode; so you be sure to listen



  12. Congrats! Happy Blog Day Sheila!!
    I enjoy looking at the postcards and reading info about them. You are doing fine.
    *pat on the back*

    Wish you luck on winning the pair of air tickets to Singapore!

  13. Sheila, I am sorry for the late greetings!
    Thanks for adding me in your circle - I am very elated! Here's to more blog years ahead!

    Postcards Crossing

  14. Sreisaat, many thanks, and now I have to say sorry for the late reply. :) I've been away a few days. I always love visiting your blog(s).

  15. A little belated but Happy Blog Day to you!!!Congratulations and good luck in the up and coming year.


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